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Formed in September 2015, REDuck ProDUCKtions was founded by James Ducker and Hayley Evenett to provide local creatives with a support network and a platform in which to develop new work within East Anglia.

Their monthly event ‘Scratch Shot’, held in the Redwall bar at the Maddermarket, allowed local writers to test-drive their scripts for screen, stage or radio by a team of local acting talents who brought their writing to life. The evening provided the audience with a unique variety of themes and genres, while giving an insight into the talent that Norfolk has to offer!

In 2016, REDuck ProDUCKtions were nominated for the Norfolk Arts Theatre Award for their engagement with the community and creatives across the region. Their co-founder Hayley, was also nominated for the People’s Choice award for her work with REDuck and other companies across East Anglia.

REDuck are well versed in developing scripts to stage, performing a rehearsed reading of David Shenton’s fast-paced LGBT comedy ‘Get Her’ at Rant and Rave LGBT History event in the LCR (Feb 2017), Tony Vale’s ‘Coming Out’ at the Missing Kind’s Vegan evening (Nov, 2016) and most recently the world premiere of ‘Ministers of Grace: The Unauthorised Shakespearean Parody of Ghostbusters’ which is being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2018. They performed this production at the Garage in October 2017 as a staged rehearsed reading, but are looking forward to launching it in Edinburgh as a full production.