About Us

What are the aims of ScriptEast?

If you join us and attend meetings regularly we hope you will benefit in the following ways:

  • You’ll have a chance to practice your craft
  • We’ll provide helpful, constructive feedback on your work
  • We can help you develop a better understanding of the fundamentals of fiction writing
  • You will have the chance to socialise with other people with similar interests to your own
  • Occasional talks by people working in the creative writing field including published novelists, scriptwriters and screenwriters

When and where are your meetings held?

Currently we meet every month, usually on a Monday evening from 7 pm till about 9 pm. We meet in the John Hurt Centre at Norwich Cinema City. You can find us at the following address:

Cinema City Education
Cinema City
St. Andrews Street

What do you do during a typical meeting?

The format will vary from month to month. Usually, we discuss each others’ work, with shorter pieces being read out loud and longer pieces submitted (and read) in advance. These pieces might be something you’re already working on. Because this group is also aimed at those who want to learn and practise, we will also play around with exercises or mini-assignments that give us the freedom to experiment (and importantly, get instant feedback).

Sometimes, we are able to get locally based published authors and scriptwriters to come and meet us to explain how they work, and how they got started.

Normally, members take it in turns to share their scripts or stories with the group. It doesn’t matter if these are at an early stage of development. The writer then asks people present if they could read extracts aloud. With scripts, we arrange it so each person can read the lines of a particular character.

All this is followed by discussions offering constructive feedback, comments and suggestions. Writers tell us time and time again that this process inspires them and helps them develop and improve their work.

Who leads the workshops?

Lynsey White. She has won two international awards for her short stories, including the prestigious Bridport Prize. She has just completed her first novel, Madder Hall, with support from Arts Council England, and is currently working on a creative writing textbook.

Lynsey also lectures in narrative strategies at Norwich University of the Arts. Some of you may know her from the Write Club which she has held at the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich.

I’m not a very confident writer and feel I’ve got a lot to learn – is ScriptEast for me?

Absolutely! Together with giving each other feedback, we also spend some time learning more about the craft of writing. Here are some of the questions we will be discussing as your time with us goes on:

  • How do I come up with ideas?
  • How should I construct the plot?
  • What narration style should I use?
  • How do I write convincing dialogue?

With the support of our friendly group, we think you’ll see your confidence grow.

How do I join the group?

If you would like to join us or just come along to see what goes on, please do contact us.